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Based in Rogers Park on Chicago's North Side, the advocacy group provides citywide counseling, legal assistance and health care education, centered on domestic violence.It also operates a youth-oriented education program called Relationship Education: A Choice for Hope (REACH), which has provided anti-violence education in public schools since 1995.A LONG WAY TO GO But guiding young adults toward healthy relationships is becoming increasingly difficult as cyberspace disseminates mixed messages with lightning speed and educators said it's been difficult to keep up."Some of the kids have smart phones, so it's almost instantaneous that they can get online, and they can start a rumor, or say something, or degrade someone, and it can spread extremely quickly," says Paul Robinson, a prevention education specialist with Between Friends.MORE THAN JUST A TWEET A study commissioned by the U. Surgeon General in 2000 explains the intersection of young minds and damaging or unsafe messages about violence in the media.Developmentally, tweens and teens are primed to imitate observed behaviors, and base social behaviors on them.Youth Skit: An Aboriginal Youth’s Cry for Help This powerful skit shows how hard it might be for a youth experiencing dating violence or abuse in a relationship to get help.

"Kids are really impacted by what's going on in the media these days, and I think social media has made that even more apparent," Norton said, in reference to the Brown Twitter response.

The flippant responses to Brown's appearance -- from other artists, from the Grammy Foundation, which does extensive outreach work with youth, and from young people across social media platforms -- were especially jarring considering statistics showing that 1.5 million high school students will be abused by a dating partner in the Unite States this year.

CLOSE TO HOME In Chicago, public discourse over abusive themes in the media came to a head at Pitchfork Music Festival last summer, where L.

Having a safety plan may help you get out of dangerous situations when they do happen.

Understanding and Preventing Abuse: A Workbook for Aboriginal Youth This workbook for Aboriginal youth is one of many resources available to the public through an initiative called “The Healing Journey”.

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CHICAGO--"I don’t know why Rihanna complained, Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to.” This Tweet and similar others circulated in the days following Sunday’s Grammy Awards, where Chris Brown, known primarily as a singer and secondarily as the allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend of pop star Rihanna, performed twice during the two-hour show.

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