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We set up an improvised studio in one of the bedrooms, and Paula would lie on the bed in very minimal attire, or canoodle with Michael, or tease me by sitting on my lap and pretending to mistake my asthma inhaler for a sign of appreciation.

Despite Paula's terminal flirtatiousness, she and Catherine instantly hit it off, and the four of us became inseparable.

He called back a few minutes later and said what he really meant was would I come down to his place in the South of France to write some songs with him. We spent a couple of months writing in his house in Roquefort les Pins.

My then girlfriend, Catherine Mayer, now my wife, used to fly down at weekends, and Paula was in residence for weeks at a time.

The author identified herself as the president of the Michael Hutchence fan club and asked if I'd send a video message for a memorial concert she was organising in Sydney to mark the 10th anniversary of Michael's death. I'm not sure the fans would accept the Michael I knew - a complex character, someone who far from appreciating his sex-god image was insecure about his looks, a creative spirit chafing against the professional and artistic compromises of being part of the INXS machine, a man who at the end of his life was completely out of his depth.

As the only daughter of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates, the notoriously fame-wary youngster is expected to receive a large slice of the royalties that have been held in a trust fund since her dad’s death nearly two decades ago.

, the windfall is said to be a substantial sum that will instantly transform her wealth.

I would play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, programme computers, engineer, get something going, and then Michael would sing over it. Sometimes I'd think we had something pretty good, and he'd suddenly decide to come at it from a completely different angle. But Michael's life was in turmoil, and the songs reflected his misery and sense of hopelessness.

It's a great record, darker and more interesting and ambitious than anything else he ever made, but I can't listen for long.

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Paula nicknamed us "Roger and Raymond" after Roger Verge, whose Michelin-starred restaurant Le Moulin de Mougins was conveniently close to Michael's house, and Raymond Blanc (a magazine had once commissioned me to take the cookery course at Blanc's Manoir aux Quat' Saisons).

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