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Agents often have quantitative goals, and they are measured and rewarded on a number of key items, such as quality monitoring results, average handle time, attendance, occupancy, etc.Agents must be willing to work in an environment where most of their activities are monitored, tracked and reported.Agents must listen to the customer, identify the core issue and identify solutions that serve both the customer and the organization.During training, agents must learn a tremendous amount of information regarding products, services, policies and procedures.

The call centers accessed through the Arise platform provided a 9% improvement in NPS compared to other vendors while being recognized for providing rapid access to additional capacity – over a 400% seasonal increase vs.

An agent does not need to excel at communicating in all the channels, but it is critical for an agent to exhibit the skills necessary for the channels they will be supporting.

Customers reaching out to a contact center may be frustrated and emotional, depending on the issue they are trying to resolve.

Agents must be sensitive to a customer's feelings, always have a courteous demeanor, and display empathy and patience during a conversation with customers, regardless of the channel of communication.

Customers often reach out to a contact center with complex issues that are difficult to explain.

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Many call center agent job skills are the same as they were in past years.

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