Updating 3 52 m33 to 3 52 m33 2

of this guide, about how to downgrade your PSP and then upgrade to a custom firmware.For those of you who’ve just tuned in; a custom firmware is one that is written by hackers (or crackers, depending on your point of view), which gives you all the possibilities of the official firmware, but also enables the use of homebrew.As I have not tried this myself, I will send you to someone who has.Follow this picture-guided tutorial step by step, and you should be fine, but don’t come crying to us if you mess up.

Finally, choose to install the ELF-Menu and NAND-Tool.

Homebrew are applications developed not by Sony, but by the community.

The different types of homebrew applications range from text editors to ISO loaders.

Due to the latter one, which enables piracy, Sony is strongly against homebrew and does its very best to contain it.

There’s a constant battle between the homebrew community and Sony. Last week we posted about various ways to downgrade your firmware.

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