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Over the last year, conspiracy theorist and influential radio host Alex Jones has come under intense scrutiny for his fringe beliefs, most notably his claim that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax perpetrated by the government.

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver noted that Jones’ status as a Sandy Hook "truther" qualified him for an Easy Pass to “hell’s version of the champagne room.” But he spent most of his time on a relatively overlooked aspect of Jones’ conspiracy empire -- the wide range of products that he sells in order to fund it.

The reason I mention it at all, is to highlight the challenges sex workers face and the sacrifices they make.

Society disparages their profession, criticizes their decisions and forces them to operate without the proper protection the law should provide.

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A new tattoo might be old-hat for Jackson, but it wasn't for Macaulay Culkin, Jackson's 36-year-old godfather -- and first-time tattoo patron -- who emerged from West Hollywood's Tattoo Mania with a matching spoon on his own forearm.

There was the standard sensationalist coverage in the press, with their usual hypocrisy of stigmatizing sex workers while using their stories to make money.

Now, after spending significant time and money to qualify as a policewoman, she is out of a job.

News, which was first with a report of the romance, the Oscar winner and Shookus are "in the early stages" of their relationship.

They met up in London for work and reportedly attended Sam Mendes' play "Ferryman" last week. T." is very plugged into the current moment, according to its cast and creators.

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I hadn’t covered the story up to this point because I was hoping she get re-instated and I didn’t want to add to the publicity on her past life.

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