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I will give it away free of charge for the sins you have committed throughout your land." Other famous examples include the Roman Sack of Corinth in 146 BC, the Sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade, the Sack of Baghdad in 1258, Hernán Cortés and the looting of the Aztec gold.In only some of these was the removal of artworks for their own sake (rather than the value of their materials for example) a primary motivation.On the island of Cyprus before the invasion, the majority of the inhabitants were Greek-Cypriots, and for these citizens, the Greek Orthodox Church was and continues today to be central to their identity and faith.In the north, there is a fear that Christianity is dying out because the churches and monasteries have been destroyed, transformed, or are falling into ruin.Many of the houses and workshops associated with archaeological projects in the north were looted, so the work that had been done was lost to the researchers.Many areas on the island of Cyprus were damaged by bombing and machine gun fire, and because of these issues, the pavement mosaics of the House of Dionysos in Paphos suffered extensive damage.Art looting has a long history, the winning party of armed conflicts often plundering the loser, and in the absence of social order, the local population often joining in.

I will give away your wealth and your treasures as plunder.[I]f large sums are found upon the persons of prisoners, or in their possession, they shall be taken from them, and the surplus, after providing for their own support, appropriated for the use of the army, under the direction of the commander, unless otherwise ordered by the government." (Article 72) Massive art looting occurred during World War II; see art theft during World War II.Many art pieces and artifacts from Afghanistan were looted during several wars; scores of artworks were smuggled to Britain and sold to wealthy collectors."There are also fears that the bulk of the collection once in Kabul Museum, ... The most famous exhibits were the Begram ivories, a series of exquisite Indian panels nearly 2,000 years old, excavated by French archaeologists in the Thirties (1930s)".In November 2004, much of the missing collection numbering 22,513 items was found safely hidden.

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