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"After investing time and energy into talking and socializing, they finally have sex and realize they are not a sexual match.

If there is no physical-sexual attraction, it's not sustainable." Ignoring the sexual aspect of baring it all for a moment, nudism is a means for people to interact in a less pressured, more natural way.

" Parading around your blemishes, stretch marks, errant hairs, flab, and folds for the world to see feels understandably terrifying in a world where we still idealize a mighty narrow margin of appearances.

But as a woman who's attended her fair share of naked resorts and events, I can attest to the fact that after a little time (and much acceptance from your fellow nudists), you leave your insecurities behind.

You realize we all look different enough that it's impossible to say what we ought to look like -- and the same, in that we all have marks, scars, moles, thighs, and nipples. And it opens things up for honest communication, real conversation, and legitimate sexual attraction.

Insecurities, fear, and doubt are a few things that can inhibit connection when dating.

"If I'm out and about in a nerd shirt with some sci-fi graphic and I come across a girl in a football jersey," he says, "it's unlikely we'll strike up a conversation with each other mainly because of what we are wearing.

I might have missed out on a chance because the clothing made me pre-judge, when for all we know she might love a bunch of things that I do but because of that initial hurdle I didn't take a chance and say hi." "Encounters in a nudist environment force you to focus on the person to find out who they really are and what they're all about," adds Whicker.

He never got as I had have enjoyed, except for just one night, that was the very best sex I ever had.

This time was different, although normally he had play along halfheartedly.

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Initially that I pulled away, yanked me back and he gave me this burning look. This time he said in a deep, growling voice to remain still, and yanked on my hair or he had get me harm. He yanked on my hair harder this time, and back on my neck.

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