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Taylor, Lillis and Le More (2005) believed that, “Religious organizations closed leading to a shortage of people to care for the sick.

It was during this time that women of ill repute were recruited into the nursing profession in lieu of serving jail sentences for their crimes” (p. Nursing’s origin can be seen as part of a time line that correlates to the issues currently plaguing in this century.

Barber (1994) expressed that, “In the Middle Ages, for example and in the 18 century, elegant ladies passed their time spinning and embroidering silks, not for sale but for conspicuous use at court” (p. During this time religious groups built public hospitals to serve the poor. Retrieved April 30, 2008, from the Future of Nursing by Tracing Its Past; Returning to Our Origins. Retrieved April 29, 2008, from My College Papers Tagged with Clara Barton, clinical, Code of Ethics, Death, Dr.

The earliest documentation of clinical decision making in nursing was in the 17th century by the French Sisters of Charity. Marie Zakrzewska, Ednah Dow Cheney, Florence Nightingale, Harriet E.

Women have traditionally filled the roles of caregiver of the sick throughout history.” The Bible referred to many occurrences during this time dating back as far as 1450-1410 BC that would be considered a function of nursing and public health.They consisted of a series of tents that gave way to permanent buildings next to combat areas that were developed into primitive types of hospitals.Though most nurses in those days were slaves, servants, or family members, the nursing position appeared to be strengthened.Write your name in kindness, love and mercy, on the hearts of the thousands you come in contact with year by year. Good deeds will shine as the stars of heaven…” ~ Florence Nightingale The history of the nursing profession has been immersed not only in chronological primitive events to current day, but in cultural and societal beliefs that influenced the world; and although it never repeats itself with complete duplication, there are patterns and trends affected by unique forces and factors that have led to paths similar to that seen in earlier years, yet uniquely different.Author Lewenson (2004) commented, “Understanding nursing history helps us to comprehend current issues in nursing and anticipate future trends in the profession.” Some of the first descriptions of assistants tending to the health needs of others occurs as early as the first century AD when Pliny the younger (63-113) as well as the Greek physician Soranus (98-138), both wrote of the use of midwives in childbirth.

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