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We'll keep this list constantly updated with the latest television shows that you should be watching and also tell you why.To that end, we’ve chosen 40 Netflix shows that you need to watch.Now he's a fully fledged adult he's taken a much darker turn as future Psycho psycho Norman Bates in the show Bate Motel.A prequel of sorts to the Psycho movies, Bates Motel is a fantastic spin on the horror tale, ramping up the relationship Bates has with his mother - a cold and calculating Vera Farmiga - and sprinkling breadcrumbs along the way that point to how he became who he became.There’s never been a better time to bag yourself a Netflix subscription and binge watch, so get stuck into our gallery and let us know if your favorite show isn't on the list.Without further ado let's dive into the best shows on Netflix!

Altered Carbon is hoping to change that, with its unique blend of dystopian science fiction.It doesn’t have the menace or fear that propelled Walter White in Breaking Bad, instead it takes its time to paint a picture of Saul Goodman, someone that was in Bad mainly for comic relief.In his own show, though, creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have created a well-rounded, means well character whose descent into criminality is a slow burn.While the fifth season 'reboot' wasn't the success it should have been, Archer is still one of the best cartoon comedies around.Seasons on Netflix: 6 If it wasn't for Netflix, Arrested Development would have stayed as a three-season wonder.

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  1. Porsha Tells Todd He's Scary Porsha called Todd's decision "hasty" and was clearly irked that he hadn't run it by her first (though to be fair, it sounded like they didn't give him a whole lot of time to decide).

  2. Then he asked if I had some time later in the week, as he wished for me to come to his home and listen to some music. Keith shook my hand and led me through a long hallway lined with classic guitars, then into Russell's den, a kind of captain's cabin affair with a view of the Sydney Harbour skyline.