Purchased on iphone playlist not updating dating during a divorce in sc

See this short video to be sure you are using the hands-free calling process correctly.Sometimes the issue is how you are speaking to the Sync system, see this video for more info.In some cases, you may want to do the complete “re-Pair” or “clean pairing” process again. Yes, it may seem like a lot of things to check, but the phone and the Sync system are computers.Computers need to be powered down and reset or rebooted from time to ensure that everything is working properly.Let the Sync have a few minutes to “reboot” before going to your vehicle settings and resetting the time.Just push the FM radio buttons to get back to your favorite radio channel.

If necessary, go to the Sync system settings and check to see which devices are “recognized.” You may need to “connect” a phone back to Sync to establish the Bluetooth connection.Once your phone has powered back up, go to the Settings on your phone to make sure the Bluetooth connection is turned on.Check your “Trusted Devices” list to see if Sync is on the list.As mentioned, if all of the above troubleshooting techniques have been checked and the system is still not working, then please visit your Ford dealership Service Department.On new vehicles any Sync repair issues may be warranted for several years, ask your Ford Service Advisor for more details.

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