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However that subculture and anime in general has been a profound influence on gamer culture, and it worries me.

It worries me because it’s becoming an “open secret.”-a thing people don’t really acknowledge but it’s there.

While Syp and Larissa both have very valid concerns, I have yet to see the blogging community mention Aika’s Pran, especially having found this.

When a Pran matures to a certain level, the default “cute” voice can be replaced by one of six “teen” voices.

The anonymous and semi-anon image boards like danbooru, sankaku complex, and the /chan boards are part of what drives it.

Also driving it is the release stateside of many borderline if not outright lolicon works, like Gunslinger Girl or Strike Witches by localizating mainstream corporations like Funimation.

A responsible guy realizes that and makes sure not to let them bleed over or affect real life.

That’s not the kicker though, this is the “teen” pran: What the FUCK Gpotato?I don’t want to come across as holier than thou or anything but no one is talking about this: no newspaper ever mentions it, no pundit ever discusses it, and it’s just like a big invisible elephant in the gamer culture room.It’s getting to the point where people take it as a mater-of-fact and talk about the token loli in the cast of the latest hit manga, or joke about it.If you think it’s not something to worry about, look at Furry culture.Anthropomorphic animal comics used to be a valid way of telling a story and often expanded the genre in good ways, like Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo, or Carl Banks’s Uncle Scrooge stories.

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Moe is a focus on the cute, innocent, and heartwarming, designed to inspire protective feelings, but for many Moe characters fetishization follows, especially in the amateur comic (doujinshi) grey market surrounding anime shows.

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