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Four concentration camps were set up across the islands, with many of their Jewish inhabitants sent to mainland concentration camps in Europe.The video, taken in Guernsey, was broadcast across Germany to show the population how well the war was going.One day later, the German flag was raised over the islands.Hitler thought that the islands were of strategic importance given their proximity to France, while Churchill had made the decision early on in the war to leave the islands undefended, as he thought they presented very little strategic advantage The voiceover that can be heard on the film saying:'German occupation of Guernsey and Jersey was our first step on British soil.'Garrison defenders fled or were captured.

In six ships, its 1,500 residents left en masse for the mainland of Britain, where they remained for the rest of the war.They began by putting in massive guns to protect the island from air and sea.Then — on Hitler’s express order in the summer of 1941 after a number of British commando raids on other Channel Islands — they built fortifications on an unprecedented scale to make Alderney virtually impregnable.But his occupation of these outposts in the Channel symbolised his power.They were his jackboot planted firmly in England’s front garden.

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