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Children in a stepfamily may live with one biological parent, or they may live with each biological parent for a period of time.In addition, visitation rights mean that children in stepfamilies often have contact with both biological parents, even if they permanently live with only one.An uncle is the husband of someone's parent's sister (aunt), and not father of someone's cousin.An aunt is the wife of someone's parent's brother (uncle), and not mother of someone's cousin.This relationship is becoming more common in all Western countries.There appear to be many cultures in which these families are recognized socially as de facto families.However, in modern Western culture it is often unclear as to what, if any, social status and protection they enjoy in law.

A stepfather is the husband of someone's mother, and not someone's biological father.

When both members of the couple have at least one pre-existing child, the new family is "complex" or "blended" from the start; if only one member has one or more prior children but the couple has another child together, the "complex"/"blended" designation replaces the "simple" designation upon the birth of the new child.

If both members of the couple have prior children, those children are stepbrothers and stepsisters to one another.

Any subsequent child born to the couple is a half-sibling of the respective members' prior children.

If a stepparent legally adopts the partner's child or children, he or she becomes the child's legal parent.

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Additional challenges that a step- or blended family face are those regarding the paternal parents as well as the inherent bond that paternal parents have with their children and vice versa.

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