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But Cotillard, pregnant with her second child and understandably wanting to remove herself from the conversation, spoke out fairly quickly, insisting she was very happy with her longtime partner and wishing Angelina and Brad "peace in this very tumultuous moment."In English in French, thank you very much.

one, but while Debbie Reynolds went on to marry two more times and continued to have a perfectly glorious career, she never quite shook being the good girl whose husband abandoned her for the sultry, tempestuous, violet-eyed Liz Taylor.

Han and Leia fans had certainly glamorized the idea of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford being an item together in real life, as avid co-star shippers have continued to do for the past 40 years (and probably did since the dawn of cinema).

But there was no proof that the then-19-year-old Fisher and 34-year-old Ford, who was married when have been estranged from in 1977, two years before they divorced in 1979, you never know), Han and Leia were gloriously hooking up in real life.

co-star Claire Danes in 2003, leaving a 7-months-pregnant Mary-Louise Parker in the process.

Asked in 2015 about making the questionable choice to embark on that relationship, a now happily married (to Hugh Dancy) Danes told Howard Stern, "That was a scary thing. I didn't know how to not do that.""I was just in love with him," the star added. I didn't quite know what those consequences would be."For Danes, really, the consequences were few, the scandal having occurred years before Team Parker had the option to rip her apart on Twitter.

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Like Taylor and Burton, the couple were denounced by entire governments for their scandalous ways, and it did cost Bergman a few roles—but she won her second Best Actress Oscar for her big Hollywood comeback, 1956's that she and Bonham Carter, who dated Branagh for five years (and later fell madly in love with director Tim Burton, fancy that), could be considered similar."Being slightly mad and a bit fashion-challenged. Helena and I made our peace years and years ago," Thompson said. Perhaps there's hope for Jen and Angie down the road yet!

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