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Also, the ground around the Dunkirk area wasn’t ideal for tank operations, full of the marshes and canals that had bogged down German soldiers in the First World War.

The pause made sense to Hitler for another reason: Luftwaffe head Herman Goring had assured him that air power could wipe out the British on the beaches, and Hitler was all too happy to give him a chance.

Whatever the reasons it was issued, the German halt was deliverance to the desperate Allies.

With the additional time they received, a huge evacuation was organized, larger and faster than anyone anticipated.

On the surface, it seemed like a halfway logical concept.

The German troops had been fighting for two weeks straight without a break, something that an old Great War soldier like Hitler knew all too well.

It also left German troops, some who were just ten miles from the beach, watching as their enemy slipped away.

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The first week of June, 1940, was a truly perilous time for the Allies in World War II.

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