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I left at about and got back to the barracks and hopped into the shower and heard the first motar hit my ground power unit about 11pm (Not exactly sure of the time) I looked towards the runway and saw a tower of flame coming from my reventment. I was so impressed by the Army guys, they jumped into their Huey Gun Choppers and were in the air over the runway so damn fast, firing their 50 caliber machine guns with tracers loaded every 5th round, and from where we were standing it looked like a solid neon light from the choppers to the ground.Thanks Bill Name: Bob Licciardi, Dec 10, 2001 URL: Comments: Great Web Site! I was in Det 1, 45th Tac Recon Squadron (PACAF) and was an Aircraft Mechanic.

We were there in April 1966 for the first attack on TSN where all three of our Blue Eagle aircraft were damaged on the flight line. I returned for three more flight tours 1967 - 1969, but these were flying airborne PSYOPS radio broadcast missions for SOG out of Da Nang, although I frequently visited our main offices at TSN.

Was at TSN two tours of TDY from Misawa AB with the RF101Cs. I now live in Australia in a climate just like TSN!

Any old ABLE MABLE blokes who might be willing to help, please do.

Name: Morris Goldberg, Dec 31, 2001 URL: Comments: I was in the 84th Engrs, D Co., in Qui Nhon, on my rotation to the states I was sent to Tan Son Nhut for procession out of country. Which may have saved my life, that night we came under mortar attack. During the first attack the ramp around the RF4Cs in the squadron was an inch deep in JP-4, and we were very lucky it never caught fire.

The center was overcrowed, and there was no bunks, so much of the troops where left to the tents, in an open area of the compound,6 or 7 men died that night, so many wounded. Morris Goldberg Name: Joseph Pfister, Dec 28, 2001 URL: Comments: I got in-country December 1969 and was attached with day flight Base Police. As it was, one aircraft lost the tail section and another had a hole in the wing, so they swapped tails to get one flyable aircraft.

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The cab stopped on a dirt road and Chi (her name) wanted to go to the farm house to say goodnite to her parents, I wanted to go, but she wouldn't let me, so I waited in the cab with the driver.

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