Is ashanti dating nelly

As well as his music credentials, he has dabbled in business as an investor and entrepreneur.

He has also had brief stints on-screen as an actor.

His accuser claimed she met Nelly in a Washington club and got "tipsy" drinking at his table, before travelling to his tour bus for an after-party, TMZ reports.

The Seattle resident alleges that the hip-hop star tried to have sex with her when they were in his room.

I gotta ask."Ashanti takes a moment, thinking about what to say where she responds, "I have a new song coming out, it's call "Say Less" and I think that...sounds dope I just mixed it in Atlanta.She claimed she refused and alleged the musician told her to "shut up" before having sex with her without using protection.The accuser has claimed that she was later offered money before being kicked off the bus by a woman who threw 0 after her.Might make tear, but dating anxiety deal if you allow them to continue.Weeks wondering if they picked is nelly and ashanti dating people, the wrong time to be looking.

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Ashanti and Nelly dated for 10 years, but neither has confirmed the exact date they broke up in 2010.

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