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He will then admit that he always hid his true-self from others for fear of being judged, but that you accepted him as he truly was, and confesses to you.

If you say "I love you too...", he says that he thought you liked him, and asks if you can stay with him forever.

If you say "I can't love somebody who lives a lie.", Cody will say he expected that, but he's glad that he met you and that he was able to share his secret with someone.

Good Ending: If you finish Zane's path by the end of 30 days, after the concert, he will admit that he expected you to mess up, but says you did just fine.

Good Ending: If you finish Ace's path by the end of 30 days, after the concert, he congratulates you on your first concert, then admits that he loves you, and asks if you love him too.He says that he wouldn't care if you dumped him if you were another girl, but you're not.He says that you're the most important person to him and asks if you'll stay with him.TRIGGER WARNING: suicide/suicidal He likes popcorn, french fries, and the book. If you say "I love you too.", he will pronounce the two of you as lovers.Upon waking up on day 15, a cutscene will occur where the player runs into Devin. After the time-skip, you are happily married to Emerson.

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