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The printed sources were consulted either independently or in tandem, depending on the nature of the item being analyzed.At times, information from these sources conflicted slightly or was incomplete.

The following pages attempt to provide brief histories of each Rhode Island regiment. Particular attention has been paid to orderly books, muster rolls and soldiers’ diaries. The Revolutionary War Military Papers generally consist of documents from Rhode Island Continental and state regiments, county militia regiments, and independent companies, ranging from 1775 to 1783. There is a small group of papers from Massachusetts Continental regiments and state militia; and single items for both Connecticut and New Hampshire regiments.Taxation on houses and land over the centuries has left us with a valuable body of records for building history.Sometimes the government of the day carried out a property valuation in order to assess taxes due under particular legislation, or for other official purposes, which mainly tells us the names of owners and occupiers, and sometimes offers more. And some - such as the hearth tax - will only be useful if you already know the name of the householder at the relevant date, for they do not identify the property.Papers from Rhode Island independent militia companies include those of the Kentish Guards, Pawtuxet Rangers, Smithfield and Cumberland Rangers, and North Providence Rangers.Lists of soldiers are the most common type of document in the collection, and consist of muster rolls, pay rolls and abstracts, enlistments, delinquent lists, returns of the sick, and ration bills.

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Walker says that Greene did not actually take command until July; Archibald was composed of a mixture of Rhode Islanders and Connecticut residents.

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