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While it is obvious within the theory that even a single passing interest in a woman would "disqualify" one as "genuine", it is less apparent — because it's implicit in the categorization process — that even simply not looking feminine enough can be used to cast doubt upon the trans woman's actual motivations for transitioning.Worse so, when any trans woman denies having any erotic fetishes about herself, then this is used as conclusive evidence to show that she is indeed autogynephilic, because only an autogynephile would lie about this.And while the mainstream regularly belittles people who find us attractive, unfortunately trans people often do the same too. The cisgender majority will shame Mister Cee and men like him by questioning their manhood and sexual orientation.In my own trans community, people routinely dismiss such men by labeling them as “chasers” and “fetishists.” While there are legitimate critiques to be made of way in which some (albeit not all) cisgender men who “admire” trans women express their attractions (e.g., by exoticizing us, viewing us as mere sexual objects, not fully respecting our female identities, not treating us as human beings), I believe that the wholesale stereotyping of them and using psychiatric language to pathologize them only worsens the problem—not just for them, but for us as well.

And since these trans women are developmentally identical to gay men, they are labeled "homosexual transsexuals." (Never mind that most trans people describe their sexual orientation in terms of their preferred gender, meaning that trans women attracted to men consider themselves heterosexual.) If you noticed something odd in the previous paragraphs, in that nothing in it can be meaningfully applied to trans men, then you're absolutely right.Among other terms used we find "crossgender arousal" and "crossdreaming".Most trans activists and researchers in the field argue that such fantasies are natural expressions of the real identity and sexuality of these transgender persons.However, when they ridicule people who are attracted to us, typically nothing happens.A few people may grumble about the incident on Facebook or Twitter, but the community at large does not push back. Well, the sad truth is that we (the trans community) are often just as suspicious of cisgender people who choose to partner with us as the cis majority is.

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Entirely apart from being unfalsifiable, the "autogynephilia" label is used derogatorily to separate the "genuine" from the "fake" transsexuals, a practice that has been around pretty much as long as transsexualism.

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  3. During the many years since, Queer communities have grown to include persons who may identify for many reasons as non-heterosexual but not only exclusively as same-sex attracted, and our counselling services have grown along with this to include the experiences of intersex, bisexual and transgender people.