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He was the quintessential gent: he held the door open, paid for my food and drink (but not to the point that would get me drunk) and, having brought his guitar, insisted on wrapping the evening up with a serenade on the aptly-named Ponte della Musica.Having recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend, he said he was curious about the dating app.

Rossiter is now preparing for the fourth date with suitor number seven.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and I’m writing this fresh from an offer of marriage. But as with many things in Italy, dating etiquette on the app seemed to be anything but fast.

My suitor made his proposal while I was having a coffee on Sunday morning. Once you’ve dismissed all the half-naked selfies with a swift swipe to the left and matched with someone who looks appealing, it takes a little time to move beyond the “Ciao principessa!

"It has become a very useful way for people with busy lives to make new acquaintances,” she tells The Local.

"But lots of people won’t admit it through fear of embarrassment as society has not overly accepted it yet." Having been left love-notes in obscure places, Ines Becker, a German researcher living in Rome, doesn’t believe online dating is a necessity in Italy.

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When it comes to finding love here, she says "anything can happen" and that guys are "much more likely to pick you up directly".

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