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The first “Subway Series” was between these two teams in 1921, and they met in the World Series 6 times while they were New York neighbors.

The rivalry regained momentum with the creation of interleague play, and is one of the highlights of every season.

When filled to capacity, AT&T Park holds more than 41,000 screaming Giants fans.

Aside from its incredible food choices, AT&T Park is filled with amenities for fans.

This rivalry that has been fought on two coasts, and been home to players like Koufax, Robinson, Mays, and Mc Covey, is one of the most historic, and awe inspiring matchups in any sport.With the creation of interleague play in 1997 this became an annual series, and the rivalry intensified.Unlike other rivalries where tensions run high, this rivalry is often noted for its sportsmanship despite its competitiveness on the field.The San Francisco Giants are one of the oldest franchises in baseball.Tracing their roots back to the 1880s, the then-New York based franchise early on was one of the best in baseball.

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