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The following awesome people are the official bloggers of the The Trek.

In other words, they’re the renegade trail-folk who will be blogging their thru-hikes right here on the

Shiny hair is my life's ambition and I'm ashamed of what I've done for a Klondike bar. Lover of the mountains, dogs, physiology, and old books; happiest when outside.

More importantly than that, I am an aspiring 2018 Appalachian trail thru hiker on a mission to use that time to raise awareness and money for the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women. Embarking on a Southbound pilgrimage of the PCT in 2018 in memory of a dear friend lost. My name is April and I’m going to be hiking the PCT in 2018 with my best friend and lover, Jake.

I saw the Katahdin, Maine mileage sign and knew that I had to complete a thru-hike one of these days.

To top it off, once we got to the spring, I drank the cool, clean mountain water and must have been bitten by the hiking bug.

Favorite National Park & Sea-Shore: Glacier Lake National Park and Padre Island National Sea-Shore.

When not planning a hike, I'm training for ultramarathons or traveling to new places.

Follow my AT experience here on The Trek and on my personal blog, Fit For Hey y'all!

Favorite Book(s): Odyssey by Homer, Ecotopia by Callenbach, and Into The Wild by Krakauer.

I'm planning on starting my 2018 thru-hike on March 15th. I grew up in southern New Hampshire taking summer car-camping trips with my family to the Whites, gazing out the back window at their massive stature and dreaming of sitting at the top of them.

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The past 4 years we have continued traveling in the USA, testing out different states.

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