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When alcohol is taken with Xanax, dangerous side effects can occur.

The only way to avoid these risks is to decide not to drink at all while on Xanax. Again, mixing Xanax and alcohol enhances the most dangerous effects of both drugs.

later feeling like I hadn't slept at all, and was scared I left the house and did god knows what, but had no memory other than laying in bed falling asleep and waking up.

I did not feel intoxicated at all whatsoever when I took the Xanax.

If you’re not sure how far apart to space your Xanax and that beer, you should ask your prescribing doctor for more information on taking Xanax and drinking safely.

But the FDA warns against mixing the two at all, under any circumstances.

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My question would be, if this would be sufficient to cause a blackout or if its a far More likely I just fell asleep?

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