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The following is a summary of what the return to practice requirements mean for you. Minimum requirements Our requirements are minimum requirements in order to re-register with us.

Also providing over 2,000 sales and lettings vacancies every week.

We recognise that it might not always be possible to access a period of supervised practice and that particular return to practice courses may not be available in certain areas; which is why we have tried to be as flexible as possible with our requirements.

If you choose to undertake private study, we ask that this makes up no more than half of the updating period.

Consider the following: "In order to not update every link's freshness from a minor edit of a tiny unrelated part of a document, each updated document may be tested for significant changes (e.g., changes to a large portion of the document or changes to many different portions of the document) and a link's freshness may be updated (or not updated) accordingly." Changes made in “important” areas of a document will signal freshness differently than changes made in less important content.

The EAC Resident Consultation Service (RCS) is simple card game which informs managers and housing providers on how their residents value their home, the communal facilities, and the services they receive.

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