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Those who are multi-ethnic and require a bone marrow or stem-cell transplant face much lower odds of finding a donor match than the rest of the population.In Canada, 69 per cent of the database is made up of what Canadian Blood Services defines as "Caucasian" donors and the remainder are either racialized or multi-ethnic, the latter composing a small fraction of the total.They look back to that period nearly four centuries ago to find one of the first vocal proponents of ethnic mixing in Canada: Samuel de Champlain.In 1633, he told his Indigenous allies, "Our young men will marry your daughters, and we shall become one people." Since then, many have taken Métis to simply mean what its French translation suggests: "mixed." In a paper, Dr. Leroux write, "The major problem with using a mixed-raced understanding of 'Métis' is that it finds 'Métis' everywhere and in so doing denies the more explicit peoplehood of the Métis Nation." Because her mixed children are Filipino and Barbadian with no European ancestry, Ms.Similar increases were seen for the Indian, Vietnamese, Nigerian and Ghanaian population, among others.

And by the third generation and beyond – a segment Ms. Likewise, 11 per cent of first-generation Chinese reported multiple origins, but with the second generation it was 31 per cent and third generation and beyond was 78 per cent.Minelle Mahtani, the author of who is of mixed Indian and Iranian ancestry, warns against idealizing multi-ethnic identity, or imagining it as a silver bullet that will bring about some kind of post-racial era – not all approach the subject with Ms. Much of the glorification of mixed identity is rooted in white supremacy, she points out: North American society often gives elevated status and special privileges to black people who have some white ancestry, especially the ones who can pass as white.In other cases, some who are a mix of European and non-European ancestries are often given no agency in how they want to self-identify – there's pressure to identify with their racialized side. Mahtani says, having a child with a non-Indigenous person can compromise the child's ability to claim Indigenous status and the government benefits that come with it.Navigating the many complications that come with a mixed identity, which range from political to sociological to health-related, is becoming more common across the country as an increasing swath of residents are reporting multiple ethnicities, according to data from the 2016 census.Dakshana Bascaramurty reports Andre and Sunshine Batson and their three and half year old twins Maxwell (grey hat) and Brandon (blue hat) enjoy their New Years Day in the snow covered Lakeside Park near their home in Oakville.

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Listen to an episode of Colour Code: An award-winning podcast about race in Canada When Ariel Borden was growing up on Cape Breton Island, whose population mostly comes from the British Isles, she thought herself somewhat exotic: though her mother's side is Irish and Scottish, her father's is Polish and Russian.

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