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Wanneer uw proefabonnement bijna afloopt, ontvangt u bericht van ons met een aanbod voor een doorlopend abonnement. Het verspreidingsgebied van de Leeuwarder Courant beslaat de provincie Friesland. Bovendien ontvangt u een welkomstbrief met daarin alle informatie over uw abonnement.

Bij abonnementen buiten ons verspreidingsgebied worden portokosten in rekening gebracht (behalve voor Groningen en Drenthe).

I like this place as its clean and have big mirrors around to have a good view during the session.

Met new girl Miss Alley was super hot petite and firm tummy.

Without waitsting much time negotiated the deal for 2 k all inclusive of FS and covered BJ.

I was not convinced on the last part but I did not argue. Whenever I enter a spa, I have a tried and tested method to check how the rooms / girls are if they don't offer to show you around. Luckily most spas have toilets right at the end of the rooms corridor.

Although I was not very keen on extra but for the sake of exploration, I negotiated 2 K for B2B with full access but after payment, she refused to remove her panty although she allowed hand inside and full top access. Always being excited by seeing where and how this spa is put up I always felt that I should try it. Usually some of the girls will be around, chatting and having food. And not movable, but properly fixed to the walls and ground.

This experience will surely go down my memory lane for long. DFK was ruled out immediately as it would leave stains.

She started with the massage and slowly removed the dispo and gave a nice bum massage with fingers nipping between the crack.

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