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According to Herring and Zelenkauskaite (2008, p.75), “[l]ittle empirical research has investigated gender differences encoded through non-standard spelling in any mode of CMC.” To our knowledge, no research has focused on gender differences in the orthographic representation of the phonetic variants of SJA consonants in CMC.

In particular, this study aims to answer the following research questions: RQ1: What are the graphemic variants of /q/, /ð/, /D/, and /θ/ in JC?

It is expected that answering these questions will lead to an understanding of why SJA phonemes are orthographically represented as they are in JC and to what extent these representations convey features of the chatters’ social identity, particularly that related to dialect and gender.

The writing system used in Standard Arabic is entirely different from that of languages that use the Latin orthographic system, such as that used in English.

If the dialectal variation that is found in SJA is evident in JC, this can be taken as evidence that chatters using JC are able to encode the “fine details” of their spoken varieties in the orthographic representation of these varieties while chatting on the Internet.

It would be easier if i knew Arab people., the only Arab i know is Moroccan, except the language is completely different to classical arabic im learning. Shame you had a terrible time in Tunisia, my neice went there she loved it. If we don't go soon we wont be able to go as I cant tolerate the weather when its hot. Hopefully speak to you soon, take care Shamin Hi Shamin, Another ARABIC: HOURAAAAA [smilie=049.gif] AHLAN, AHLAN (welcome, welcome). i did my pharmacy degree here (Brighton Uni) at the same time as having my first son...In everyday use in Jordanian society, it is common for males to use the rural variants of these phonemes; this includes many males who speak the urban variety of SJA (the latter variety would still be recognizable through how vowels and other consonants are used).However, the urban variants are considered more “suitable” or appropriate for females in urban areas and also for young females enrolled in universities, or who are working, in urban areas, regardless of their original dialectal background.As in offline communication, language use in computer–mediated communication (CMC) reflects aspects of society and culture.In Jordan, phonetic variation in Spoken Jordanian Arabic (SJA) reflects dialect differences.

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