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However, English aid to Portugal went back much further to the 1147 Siege of Lisbon, when English and other northern European crusaders – en route to the Holy Land to participate in the Second Crusade – stopped and helped Portuguese King Afonso Henriques to conquer the city from the Moors.

In May 1386, the Treaty of Windsor sealed the alliance - first started in 1294, renewed in the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of 1373 and confirmed at the Battle of Aljubarrota (1385) - with a pact of perpetual friendship between the two countries.

The alliance has served both countries throughout their respective military histories, influencing the participation of the United Kingdom in the Iberian Peninsular War, the UK's major land contribution to the Napoleonic Wars and the establishment of an Anglo-American base in Portugal.

Portugal aided England (and later the UK) in times of need, for example, in the First World War.

The Iberian Union (1580–1640), a 60-year dynastic union between Portugal and Spain, interrupted the alliance.

Portuguese foreign policy became tied to Spanish hostility to England.

As a result, Portugal and England were on opposite sides of the Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604) and the Dutch–Portuguese War.

The alliance was reconfirmed after the Portuguese Restoration War and the English Restoration.

John of Gaunt left behind his daughter, Philippa of Lancaster, to marry King John I of Portugal (February 1387) in order to seal the Anglo-Portuguese alliance.

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The alliance was reconfirmed after the breakup of the Iberian Union, primarily due to both countries' respective rivalries with Spain, the Netherlands, and France, both in Europe and overseas.

During this time, important episodes in the alliance were: Today, as both countries are members of the NATO, their relations are largely coordinated through those institutions.

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