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I’ve had potential dates review my photos after exchanging a few messages and then ghost me.

I’ve even had people ask why I don’t mention my body type in my profile so that “people can search better.” The simple reason: I’m not a category. I’d like to think we’ve moved past reducing plus-size bodies into their own dating nook; safely cornered away as to not be grouped with the coupling of straight-size people.

Anything goes when it comes to diverting attention from the dangers inherent in diesel. is looking on powerlessly while Russia is rubbing its hands in glee. Thirty million people in developing countries need either a prosthetic limb or some other form of orthopedic assistance. A multimedia story by Benjamin Breitegger and Jelca Kollatsch. For years, it was assumed that German Chancellor Angela Merkel would seek to hand the reins of party leadership over to Ursula von der Leyen.

By invading Afrin, one of the last unscathed regions in Syria, Turkey is trying to prevent the creation of a Kurdish state. But lately, a new face has emerged in the mix: Saarland Governor Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

There’s this misconception in online dating that plus women can’t have standards, value, confidence.

We can’t just be looking for a date, a hook-up, a side-piece.

Frankfurt is booming and thousands of investment bankers are heading for the German financial capital as a result of Brexit. Its already fragile social structures are being stretched to the breaking point.

The issue is that I don’t immediately put a warning label for my body in my profile.Or is it just because I’m fat you want me to feel grateful for this kind of message? As you’re navigating sex and dating as a plus person, do me a favor and don’t forget that you’re not someone’s test. And you’re certainly not making someone into a hero for being into you.You’re a person with so much to give to the world regardless of your size.These photos show a city that hasn't done badly for itself in the years since reunification.The scandal over exhaust experiments on monkeys shows just how unscrupulous Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler are when it comes to manipulating the public.

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Unrepentant pro-Brexit politicians like Boris Johnson are pushing the UK government to take a hardline approach to the country's divorce from the European Union.

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